Plone News Editorial Guidelines

All news and features items which appear in the news column of must be reviewed in accordance with these standards.

Guidelines for Publishing News to

The front page of is a place many people go to find out what is new in the Plone community. A steady stream of news is essential to keeping that page interesting and bringing folks back to find out what is happening.

Anyone may submit an article or news item for publication in the news column on If you aren't a writer or don't have time to do so, feel free to submit the facts of an item and if the subject is appropriate to the venue, we will work to have someone write it for you. Since our editorial team reviews and edits all submissions for grammar, we encourage people whose first language is not English to submit articles. Your grammar does not have to be perfect - the value of broader coverage of the global Plone community is far more important.

We accept both ideas and stories at

All articles submitted will be reviewed for:


  • Grammar - good sentence structure, clear content and brevity.
  • Accuracy - are your dates right? Do your links work?
  • Appropriateness to the overall Plone community - is this news which affects a large number of folks? Will it be of interest for a significant portion of the community?
  • Broad appeal - this should be news affecting the community,not just one company or individual. It should also be news or features content - not a press release promoting a single company or person . {The news column of should never become the pressroom for a particular company.} In many cases, we do features directly related to something a company does - but we try not to make the news slant to far in that direction. This is a judgement call that the folks overseeing editorial will make.


The Publication Process

With the exception of sensitive news items posted by the security team, all news articles appearing on the front page of must be approved before publication by a member of the editorial group. This is important to assure the quality and appropriateness of our content, as well as allowing for planning to take place around our news. If you have something you would like approved, send a note to In the note, include when you would like to have the article published, as well as your contact information in case we have questions.

Event Banners

We have a banner in the right column of the homepage which is used to promote community events - conferences, symposia, sprints, and other such things of interest to the community at large. If you are holding such and even which is open to community participation, please let us know by sending information about the event - and a photo or logo if possible - to Make sure to include the start and end dates of the event, any deadlines regarding signup, and the cost to attend if there is any.