Identify and correct security issues in the Plone software


We find, listen to, and fix security vulnerabilities in Plone.


  • Nathan Van Gheem
  • Jens W. Klein
  • Alexander Loechel (team spokesperson)
  • Maurits van Rees
  • Eric Steele
  • Steve McMahon
  • Sam Schwartz
  • T. Kim Nguyen

Emeritus members

  • Matthew Wilkes

Team Lead

The Security Team does not have a formal leader: every issue is assigned to a person.

Alexander Loechel is the team spokesperson.


Please do not only contact individual members of the team. To join the team or report a security issue, email the team.


The team meets annually at a 'closed open space' at the Plone conference and have ad-hoc meetings at core development sprints.


Due to the nature of their work, the Security Team is by invite only.

If you have skills you think are relevant you can email the team, or approach one of its members individually. Nonetheless the team is very selective due to the need for confidentiality.