Minutes for April 15, 2010

Minutes of the Plone Foundation Board of Directors

Geir called us to order at 12:05pm PDT



Attending: Matt, Geir, Steve, Mark, Toby (ex-officio)Not attending: Calvin, Roberto (both excused), Alex

Approve minutes

http://plone.org/foundation/meetings/minutes/minutes-for-april-1-2010Geir moved approval, Mark secondedAdopted unanimously

Quick Committee status reports (IP, Membership, Marketing)

Nothing specific that isn’t on the agenda elsewhere

Old business

Event funding request: Open Source Pacific Asia Conference and Expo, Pretaweb [matt]

Still following up. Nothing new.

Regional conferences, naming, guide. [alex]

Nothing new. Hopefully soon.

domain acquisition progress? [alex]

Also nothing new.

Budget for 2010 [geir]

Still a work in progress; Mark will have a suggested marketing budget soon.

Call for sponsorships [matt & geir]

Agreed to promotion at upcoming symposia;Look into badge markers or such for conference; banner for PF Sponsors

Mark will compile a list of accomplishments; will become part of a call on plone.org and quick talks at symposiaToby will work on converting current sponsors to automatic payment plans.

New business

Relicense request from Laurence Rowe: plone.session

Geir moved; Matt secondedUnanimously approved

Marketing Tasks - Next 3 Months [mark]

Mark had e-mailed the board a draft, which we discussed; includes elements for plone 4 prep, promotion of events, updated community information, marketing to special populations, informational publications and conference kit, social-media presence, schwag, case studies.

Working toward more informal “I am Plone” case studies rather than formal documents.

Mark is seeking feedback; trying to get it organized before symposia.

Trademark: Register the word "Plone" in Europe? (2-3000 eur?)

This is the research/initial registration fee; renewal is much cheaper.Geir moved to authorize Xavier to pursue European registration of a Plone word mark, allocating up to 3,000 Euro.Mark secondedUnanimously approved

Geir will notify


It’s Mark’s birthday, and we all wished him a happy birthday.

Adjourned at 12:50pm